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When Playing a Fake Doctor in Africa Goes WRONG

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What happens when you pretend to be a fake doctor? This was the situation with Renee Bach! Find out all about her in this video!

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Zero Degrees
Here’s a story about saving a girl from the blog of Renee Bach, an American missionary in Uganda, attempting to save a child: quote, “I hooked the baby up to oxygen and got to work….As I took her temperature, started an IV, checked her blood sugar, tested for malaria, and looked at her HB count…

Renee Bach
Before all of the trouble with SHC and the lawsuits, Renee Bach was an average Christian teenager who lived in a small town in Virginia. She'd planned to get married, have five kids, and lead a very simple life. However, after she got her high school diploma, members of her church told her that an orphanage in Jinja, Uganda, needed volunteers.

One day, Bach received a call from the local hospital. The hospital had some stable but malnourished kids that needed refeeding, and they believed that SHC could help. So Bach took the kids in and started feeding them. That was when she discovered exactly how endemic the problem of malnourishment was in Uganda.

Serving His Children
Bach decided to make everything official and named the center Serving His Children, locally referred to as SHC. The center was registered with the Ugandan government, and got a certificate that allowed it to carry out its activities in evangelism and providing care.

The Volunteer
The volume of work SHC was tasked with required Bach to ask for volunteers, and she got them. One of those volunteers was Jacqueline Kramlich, a nurse who volunteered at SHC in 2011.

No White Saviours
No White Saviours, or NSW, was an NGO, or Non-Governmental Organization, started by Kelsey Nielsen and a Ugandan social worker. The goal of the NGO was to fight against white missionaries who came to Africa in a bid to help but ended up making things worse. Or at least that was what this NGO claimed to do.

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