Top 10 Nigerian Web Series On YouTube [Links In Description] [Gidi Up, This Is It, Shuga Naija]

06 Apr 2021

Nowadays, picking a web series to watch is actually not as easy as it sounds. Content creators around the globe are actively leveraging the power of free streaming media platforms to the maximum possible. Coupled with the giant strides achieved in the area of technology, creating video content has become easier and faster than ever before. And it keeps getting better with each passing day. These advancements have led to a massive boom in the video content creation sector.
As a direct result of this boom, countless web series are now available for viewing on the web. These are awesome times for the audience, those who just enjoy binge watching video content at their own convenience. The bitter truth, however, is that not all of these web series are worth your time. Not because they are completely distasteful, but due to a number of other factors.
To save you the stress and time of scouring the web for the perfect web series to binge watch, and also the disappointed of wasting your data on a not so impressive web series, I have collated a list of ten African web series’ that you should definitely watch, if you haven’t already.
These African web series are available for free online and can be streamed at absolutely zero cost.

Links To The Nigerian Web Series Listed In The Video

10. On The Real [Season Two] [Season One]

9. Everything In Between [Season One]

8. Rumor Has It [Season One]

7. This Is It [Season Two]

6. Our Best Friend's Wedding [Season One]

5. Crimson

4. Skinny Girl In Transit [Season Four] [Season Three] [Season Two] [Season One]

3. 5ive [Season One]

2. Shuga Naija [Season 4] [Season Three]

1. Gidi Up [Season Two] [Season One]

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