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James Turner: Pioneer of Africana Studies and Freedom Activist

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Plenary Session to honor James Turner
35th Annual National Council for Black Studies Conference
Saturday, March 19, 2011

Abstract from Program:

This plenary session seeks to highlight the centrality of James Turner's leadership in the history of the institutionalization of Black/Africana Studies —spanning more than 45 years. During the latter 1960s Turner was a leading student activist and institution-builder-- involved in both the movement for Black Studies, and assuming a directorship of the Africana Studies and Research Center at Cornell University. His experience as an activist shaped his understanding of the imperatives of institutional autonomy, student empowerment, community involvement and curricular self-determination in the making of the Black Studies project. He has trained hundreds of students who have gone on to further expand the development of Africana studies. Furthermore, Turner's scholarship has been foundational to the theoretical development of the discipline. This panel will highlight the multidimensional ways in which James Turner's leadership, activism, research and mentorship has been critical to the evolution of Black/Africana Studies-- from the Black Power/Black Consciousness movement through its endurance as an institutional force in the production of knowledge.

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