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Exploring Metaphysics, Duality and Entropy

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Join us on this thought-provoking journey as host Furkhan Dandia engages in a captivating conversation with the brilliant Kola Adetu, who, similar to the host, takes a significant interest in philosophy and metaphysics. In this episode of EZ Conversations, we delve deep into metaphysics, duality, and entropy, exploring the profound questions that have fascinated humanity for centuries.

Kola Adetu, who has worked in metaphysics, guides us through the intricate world of abstract concepts and the nature of reality. Together with Furkhan, they unravel the mysteries of existence, pondering questions like: What is the nature of reality? How do we perceive and interact with the world around us? Is there a fundamental duality in the universe, and if so, what implications does it have on our understanding of life, consciousness, and existence?

In this intellectually stimulating episode, our guest challenges conventional thinking, introducing unique perspectives on metaphysical principles and the concept of duality in the human experience. Kola Adetu's profound insights will leave you contemplating the very fabric of the universe and your place within it.

Furthermore, the conversation delves into the fascinating topic of entropy, examining how this fundamental concept from physics might have profound implications for our understanding of order and chaos in the cosmos and our lives. As Kola Adetu and Furkhan Dandia explore the intersection of metaphysics, duality, and entropy, they shed light on how these ideas can transform our perception of the world and inspire us to explore the most profound questions of existence.

Tune in to this episode of EZ Conversations to gain a deeper understanding of metaphysics, duality, and entropy and to embark on a philosophical journey that will challenge your perceptions and expand your horizons. This conversation will leave you with new insights, profound questions, and a renewed sense of wonder about the universe and the mysteries surrounding us.

Over the last 23 years of his life in the UK, Kola went from being a refugee for 19 years in the UK, unable to work, travel and even finish university, to getting his settlement in the UK in 2018 and becoming a father, he has discovered, studied and practiced a set of sciences that allows him to remain resilient and be emotionally regulated, irrespective of the conditions of his environment, memorized feelings and to get beyond the autonomic primitive responses of his biology that are "livewired for survival." 

He discovered that if we combine europsychoendocrinology, brain science, epigenetics, brainwave studies, quantum mechanics and the neurobiology of stress [trauma], the combination of these sciences can truly empower each of us to begin to interact with the nature of our biological life, with the Unified Field of consciousness and energy; Light and information. 

His passion is to teach these sciences and empower people from all walks of life to enter the quantum field beyond time and space. The quantum field is a realm of possibilities. It is a self-organizing, self-creative, and self-initiating force that consistently and constantly gives us life without our will, and IT KNOWS MORE THAN US. 

He teaches people from different walks of life how to merge their consciousness with this Greater Force.

Find Kola online: kolaadetu.com or Instagram: @Kola.Adetu

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