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The National cultural History Museum in Pretoria exhibits the Cultural diversity of South Africa. The museum offers syllabus-related programmes pertaining to the exhibitions to all school groups. The museum also offers a photograph and document archive, and a restaurant to unwind after a long exploration into South African cultural heritage.

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The highly requested tips and tricks MSC cruise video is finally live. Hope you guys enjoy it and if you have any questions, please write them in the comment section.. Also share your experience

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A 2 months journey that has tested our Strengths and Weaknesses as the #IYXFamily . There is always so much to learn and heal but there is always abundance in forward movement when there is a clear vision, love and the gift of service at the core of our unit.

Stay tuned for more information about #iyxafrica projects and events.

Are you interested in the work we do? Do you have questions about the Southern African Natives and their history or customs? Please engage with us,in the comment below.

Thank you once again to Biowatch SA ( for the opportunity to learn Agroecology and gain a deeper insight into Food security and sovereignty as a solution to a failing system.

© IYX Africa NPC 2019 – 2022. All Rights Reserved.

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According to surveys, one in four African Americans owns a gun, a number that has risen sharply in recent years. African Americans are disproportionately more often the victims of shootings, including those by police. Many are turning to gun clubs as they learn how to handle their weapons.

"No-one is coming to save us," says Anubis Heru. “We have to save ourselves." Heru co-founded 1770 Armory, the first black gun club in the US state of Colorado. His goal is to teach members of the Black community how to properly use firearms. At shooting ranges, he demonstrates what's important when picking up a pistol or assault rifle. And attendance at his courses is booming. More than one in three white US citizens owns a gun, according to surveys. Some fear that if gun-ownership in the Black community rises, social tensions could escalate faster than they already have done, leading to a possible rise in shootings. Anubis Heru doesn't accept that. He says that given the situation, Black people need weapons to defend themselves.

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Designing a flyer in canva doesn't have to be difficult. In this tutorial, I am going to teach you how to make a flyer design in canva using simple tips and tricks in canva.

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Group volunteering in Africa for individuals, educational trips and Charity Challenge Events.

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It is 50 years this April since Joginder Singh and his brother Jaswant crossed the finish line of the Safari Rally in first place in their Volvo PV 544.

The white Volvo's victory in the world's toughest rally became news all over the world.

Volvo enjoyed worldwide success on numerous occasions in the motorsport arena in the early 1960s. Its participation in events and some victories too generated excellent publicity for Volvo, particularly in the US market. The hunchback Volvo PV544 earned a reputation for being rugged and sporty.

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In this video, I share my experience at the TechPoint Build 2021 which held at Landmark Centre in Victoria Island, Lagos. The event was hosted by TechPoint Africa and it was themed, The Next Frontier.

Key Leaders in the Tech Industry were invited to share their ideas on how Africa can be the Next Frontier in the Tech Sector. There was also a startup competition going on (PitchProof 3.0) with $10,000 up for grabs.

I hope you enjoy this video and gain something out of it. Thank you for your time and don't forget to like and subscribe. Stay Creative!

00:00 - Intro
00:37 - Journey to Lagos
01:28 - Arrival at Landmark Centre
02:32 - Keynote Address by Adia Sowho, CMO of MTN
03:40 - Startup Pitch by Genera
04:23 - Interview Sessions
05:36 - Food Court Tour
06:45 - More Startup Pitches and Presentations
09:37 - Winners of PitchProof 3.0!!!
10:30 - Going Back Home

How to Build a Graphic Designer Portfolio from Scratch!!

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FULL VIDEO COMING SOON African Descent Festival 2022 July 16 and July 17 2022, FREE ADMISSION outside Pacific Central Station Thornton Park Vancouver #vancouverbc #foodreview #foodreviews #foodreviewer


WELCOME TO GUTOM! Gutom is a FOOD and TRAVEL blog based in Vancouver, CANADA. The BEST Food and Travel Guide, Walking Tours, Travel Tips and more.

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This video focuses on hair doo that was introduced to me and I liked it.
African hairstyle and how I look with the hair doo that Miss Trudy introduced me to. And I took my own hair and tried it. I want to first say, "thank you so much for watching The Fun And Adventure Act by Charlotte Muse Harris!"

I am on a mission to travel and enjoy the world(the USA, and Other Countries/Continents). Currently, I do not have a time frame. I actually started traveling in my 9th grade school year. I want to thank you for tuning into my journey of my World Bucketlist of Fun and Adventure Acts.
All about travels and events around the world to include food and Fun things(activities, singing, people, places.)
Currently have travels of Houston, TX, Memphis, TN, Nashville, TN, Waco, Tx, Montego Bay, Jamaica, Sydney, Australia, Auckland, NewZealand, Waco Texas, Brenham, TX and more. Swimming and exercising in water are great! Take a look and will you hit the like button and subscribe for more videos? I have a goal to get 1000+ subscribers by December 31, 2020. Also, at least 4000 view hours by December 31, 2020. I can only do it with your participation.

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After taking a gap year to travel, Josephine wanted a career where she could travel and pursue her passion for creating experiences for others, so she completed her SIT50116 Diploma of Travel and Tourism Management at North Metropolitan TAFE’s Perth (Northbridge) campus.

Pursue your passion for travel:

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Grand African American History
an exciting and informative series
of Great Black/African American History
of his people and events!

Music: Newsreel by
Max Surla_Media Right Productions

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Please check her channel out.

please check her channel out

current city: Lomé

Hire me to film your properties for sell and rent and Lomé.

Business WhatsApp :+228 91 50 64 17

Do you want to send me a package?

Name: Christelle Andin.

P.O ,Box: 13 BP 235, Agoe.

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Country: Togo west Africa

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Enjoy this magnificent 4K African Natural Showreel by Robert Hofmeyr. Fabulous African scenery and majestic wildlife. The video was shot in South Africa, Namibia and Botswana. This part of the world is a prime wildlife destination, most of all the wonderful safari animals are easily found here. Enjoy the closeness of the wild animals, take in their power and beauty!

This beautiful video was shot by Robert Hofmeyr -
If you want to license or download this video, please contact Robert Hofmeyr

Visit my Travel Blog:
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Travel & Events

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One Rate for all Africans

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The African continent boasts a number of thriving, up-and-coming commercial centers that are creating a buzz in both domestic and international business sectors. Some of these markets are based in East Africa and with their fast-improving business infrastructures and untapped potential, these cities are poised for expansion and already attracting startups and investors.
Here are the top 5 cities representing the economic dynamism of the Eastern Africa, well appreciated by skilled candidates and investors

Top 10 Best East African Cities

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MKN provides African cultural, education support and information to American families and communities in the US and beyond. Our African program includes: Consulting on African Travel and Investments, Career pathway Social Services, Healthy Support groups, Educational advocacy groups, MKN family events, access to our MKN partners' resources.
Become a member today!

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