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Celebrating his 4 years marriage anniversary, 2 Baba drops this amazing visuals to the remix of his evergreen track, African Queen. The song which happens to be the soundtrack to comedian AY's latest flick, 10 Days in Suncity, has snippets of the movie in this video.
2Baba also takes us down memory lane to when he and his wife said their vows to eachother.

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Woman2Woman perform "Irreplaceable Cape Town Style" (Beyoncé - Irreplaceable parody) LIVE!

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Watch African Movies and Nigerian Nollywood Movies starring your most favorites Nollywood Stars:

SYNOPSIS: Another jaw breaking hilarious comedy displayed by our very own comedy father Osuofia (Nkem Owoh), he takes on the lead role as "Show Bobo" he derives pleasure in entertaining the entire community and he believes he is the flavor of his community.

Watch as follows :

Show Bobo 1 :

Show Bobo 2 :

Show Bobo 3 :

Show Bobo 4 :

Show Bobo 5 :

Show Bobo 6 :

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He failed to impress the judges and goes all emotional.

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Stream new episodes of Unmarried S2 on Showmax:

Season 1 was a rollercoaster of emotions as Nengi, Kemsi and Funbi navigated the unknown while leaning on each other for morale. Look out for new episodes on Showmax on Wednesday evenings, at the same time as they air on Africa Magic, to find out what lies in store for the trio of friends.

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Nowadays, picking a web series to watch is actually not as easy as it sounds. Content creators around the globe are actively leveraging the power of free streaming media platforms to the maximum possible. Coupled with the giant strides achieved in the area of technology, creating video content has become easier and faster than ever before. And it keeps getting better with each passing day. These advancements have led to a massive boom in the video content creation sector.
As a direct result of this boom, countless web series are now available for viewing on the web. These are awesome times for the audience, those who just enjoy binge watching video content at their own convenience. The bitter truth, however, is that not all of these web series are worth your time. Not because they are completely distasteful, but due to a number of other factors.
To save you the stress and time of scouring the web for the perfect web series to binge watch, and also the disappointed of wasting your data on a not so impressive web series, I have collated a list of ten African web series’ that you should definitely watch, if you haven’t already.
These African web series are available for free online and can be streamed at absolutely zero cost.

Links To The Nigerian Web Series Listed In The Video

10. On The Real [Season Two] [Season One]

9. Everything In Between [Season One]

8. Rumor Has It [Season One]

7. This Is It [Season Two]

6. Our Best Friend's Wedding [Season One]

5. Crimson

4. Skinny Girl In Transit [Season Four] [Season Three] [Season Two] [Season One]

3. 5ive [Season One]

2. Shuga Naija [Season 4] [Season Three]

1. Gidi Up [Season Two] [Season One]

Check out my top 5 Skinny Girl In Transit Characters

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Atonye goes from husband of the year to scumbag of the century when Funbi and Kamsi find him marrying another woman right under Mengi's nose

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New Reality TV Show, Across Naija, a 13 week long series aims To Display Nigeria's Cultural Landmarks and history.

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Season 01: Episode 01 is here!

Nneka (Linda Ihuoma Ejiofor) wakes up in a strange apartment, with a strange hunk (Mawuli Gavor) who is half naked, and making her breakfast...

How did she get here? Why is she wearing his shirt? And most importantly - is this a fairy tale scenario, or the beginning of a nightmare?

THIS SHOW DOESN'T CONTAIN SUBTITLES FOR THE AFRICAN LANGUAGES - If you recognize the language and can translate it, please leave the translation in the comments for your fellow viewers! Thanks! 

Welcome to FLAT 3B. A THREE EPISODE PER SEASON anthology series created, co-written and co-directed by acclaimed Nigerian TV showrunner - Victor Sanchez Aghahowa

EPISODE 1 - Premieres January 7th 2019
EPISODE 2 - Premieres January 14th 2019
EPISODE 3 - Premieres January 21st 2019

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Welcome to the Buka! #Congregate #Flat3B #BukaFedGeeks #EggBae

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A group of friends prepare for a reunion at their friends wedding. They soon find out their aspirations while in school didn't turn out as planned.


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It's still the honeymoon season. While Dede attempts a sexy move on Tomide, her friends barge in uninvited! Sheesh!!!

This Is it Series follows the first year journey of the young clueless, newlyweds, Dede and Tomide. Join us every Tuesday 10:00am (Nigerian Time) right here on LowlaDeeTV.

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The Voice Nigeria Season 3 Blind Auditions is off with a bang! Watch talents attempt to swoon the coaches with amazing performances and claim that coveted chair turn.

Let’s begin!

Official Website:

The Voice Nigeria is the ultimate talent contest. Darey, Waje, Falz and Yemi Alade are The Voice Nigeria’s celebrity musician coaches, while Toke Makinwa and Nancy Isime serve as Hosts. The show’s innovative format features four stages of competition: the Blind Auditions, Knockouts, Battles and Live Shows.

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Eboh assures Demilade that he can have his wedding regardless of the craze, Busola is broken out of captivity but meets her death and the wedding finally takes place


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“Everything In Between” tells the stories of three young professionals; Emma Okoye, Dayna Elliot and Demola Ogunjimi and their struggles to conform to what is considered the norm in the Nigerian society. Emma, Dayna and Demola face similar challenges and are judged by family and society based on who they are and who they love. Everything In Between explores issues of sacrifice, love, sexuality, pressure on women to get married and the need to either live your life or conform to society’s expectation.

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Ochuko's quick money making scheme has him officially labeled as mad


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Welcome to INDUSTREET. The television drama about the music industry in Africa. Set in Lagos, Nigeria.
Episode one is the introduces the characters and sets the pace for what is yet to come. Watch the continuation on WWW.SCENEONE.TV out now.

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Before Nollywood started to function and cable TV came into existence, there were some amazing TV shows on Nigerian 'black and white' television which only people born in the 90's could have watched.

"Back then you had to wait for 4pm to open the 'box' TV,"replied one lady

Our BattaBox presenter - Adeola - asks Nigerians in Lagos - What were your best TV shows on screen while growing up in Nigeria?

"I grew up in the village, there was no TV during my time," one man of God said honestly

"I can remember Checkmate," replies another man

But apart from entertainment, how educative were TV shows in Nigeria back in the day?

"I loved the debate, it makes you talk to people," replies one young lady

"I learnt a lot from them," says another lady

What was your favorite TV show while growing up in Nigeria? - Gist us!!!


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BattaBox is the most exciting Nigerian News & Entertainment channel based in Lagos... We are the fact behind Nigerian Movies fiction, Nollywood in real-life with a dash of Yoruba Movie Magic - but none of our videos are made-up, they are all true stories!

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